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Walk for Bihar is an initiative to invite large scale public participation - using one or several Art forms - in service of Bihar’s economic and cultural development.


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लोहे के पेड़ हरे होंगे, तू गान प्रेम का गाता चल/ उषा को सत्य बनाने को जावक नभ पर छितराता चल//
रंगों के सातों घट ऊँडेल, यह अँधियारी रँग जायेगी/ जलदों से लदा गगन होगा, फलों से भरा भुवन होगा//
बेजान, यन्त्र-विरचित गूँगी, मूरतियाँ एक दिन बोलेंगी/ मुँह खोल-खोल सब के भीतर, शिल्पी! तू जीभ बिठाता चल//

राष्ट्रकवि रामधारी सिंह ‘दिनकर’

                          WALK FOR BIHAR 2016: STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

As the first chapter of Walk for Bihar, our primary goal in organizing ‘WALK FOR BIHAR 2016’ is to bring the movement of Public Art installations to Patna and BIHAR. With the help of innovative and radical Street Art and Video Installations, we aim to cover the theme of Bihar’s potential in development, social justice and human liberty.

Art is  and will always be the favoured medium for the dissemination of ideas that favours no class, no group, no political party, yet is transformational in its message. Public Art, already popular in various world metros and fast catching the imagination of people in the big towns, is remarkably suitable and visible for this kind of awareness campaign. This year's festival will be a great step in putting Patna and Bihar on the Art map of the world. 


​Following activities have been planned -

Large Street Art Installations: The highlight of the event shall be large paintings made on local buildings in Patna during this festival period by well-known established national and international Artists. These massive, publicly accessible permanent artworks shall highlight the above mentioned themes of the workshop.
Sculpture Installations.
Video Installations:
 Public at large will be invited to submit 1-10 minutes long audio-video materials that will innovatively cover the above mentioned themes.
Media Event: There will be a media interaction/event organized where the organizers, artists, invited speakers and select audience will interact with each other.

Let’s Walk for Bihar!