लोहे के पेड़ हरे होंगे, तू गान प्रेम का गाता चल/ उषा को सत्य बनाने को जावक नभ पर छितराता चल//
रंगों के सातों घट ऊँडेल, यह अँधियारी रँग जायेगी/ जलदों से लदा गगन होगा, फलों से भरा भुवन होगा//
बेजान, यन्त्र-विरचित गूँगी, मूरतियाँ एक दिन बोलेंगी/ मुँह खोल-खोल सब के भीतर, शिल्पी! तू जीभ बिठाता चल//

                                                                                       राष्ट्रकवि रामधारी सिंह ‘दिनकर’


Walk for Bihar (WfB)was conceived and conceptualized by Manish Tiwary, Festival Producer and further creatively developed by Abhishek Kumar, Festival Director & Curator to get large scale public participation on various Art Platforms in Bihar, India by well-known national and international artists. The aim is as much to bring the state on the world Arts map as it is to put a spotlight on issues of Bihar’s economic and cultural development. The festivals have been financially supported by Bihar Government.

Art is and will always be the favoured medium for the dissemination of ideas that favours no class, no group, no political party, yet is transformational in its message. Public Art, already popular in various world metros and fast catching the imagination of people elsewhere, is remarkably suitable for this kind of awareness campaign. 

Let’s Walk for Bihar!